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    I can`t help myself, I am completely tired, but I really have the energy to show you a little bit of the John 
    Galliano show, I `ve known his shows for always, but when it`s real, you just smile. 
    You feel not disappointed of what you see on TV or in, I loved it John! 
    I liked every single piece of the show(and it deserves the word "show")
    , and this Mongolian inspiration was totally 
    a good choice. 
    I am almost sleeping, and for now I`ll leave you with this photo, John Galliano walking on the runway
    at the end of the show, incredible. 
    I was also in the backstage! I will post more photos tomorrow, but for know, I`ll hope I will 
    dream with all those beautiful dresses and big defined hairdos.

    Bon nuit.
    PS: oui oui, I took the photo!

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