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Trench coats

    Max Mara coat, Zara shirt, Gap Jeans, YSL shoes
     A few months ago, I entered the MaxMara store and without thinking I found the perfect trench. What exactly do you say to yourself when you want something, knowing it may be out of the budget, or that you should use the money for other things? I said: " Yes, it is the perfect coat for you, it will last forever, is so classy and so NY-like but with a Parisian touch in the collar, so go ahead, buy it, Denni!" 
    Of course I felt thrilled when buying it and the ladies at the store encouraged me saying things like: "It looks so good on you, it's the last one!" and as always, I believed them, I fell for it and I knew (has it happened to you?).
    But then of course (tell me if it isn't true, please), women don't stay feeling guilty too long, and instead, they feel happy and satisfied to see beautiful things hanging in their closet, and thinking of how many right choices they have done. Personally, I think that.
    Though, this time, I chose to pay some taxes: (According to my dear friend designing at Chanel) "Luxury is the income tax of vanity. But it is so pleasant."—Karl Lagerfeld
    I'm on my way to Milan, so see you there for the best shows and the best pizza, because I love Italy!

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Trench coats

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