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What´s new-American Apparel

    Cotton Spandex Jersey Thank Thong
    Me in Oversized Raglan, Cycle Shorts, and Clear Visor

    Finally back home!, after walking for hours and hours each day, but discovering wonderful views, watching the sea as blue as It can be , enjoying myself, enjoying sun, and getting my legs so tan( i mean more!). Of course I´ll post some photos later.

    Another great surprise, when arriving here, and thanks to a friend, I saw this new styles at American Apparel! Loved every piece I tried at the shoot, and also remembered the great time I had there. This new styles are rocking!

    Let´s have this gorgeous week from now, no more delays in posting., I´ve bought some great clothes during the trip, just in time to work out some gorgeous outfits.

    ps. totally loved this shorts+oversize outfit, gorgeous for using it that way.
    Click on the image to see the full rotator!!




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What´s new-American Apparel

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