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Shopping in Paris with Vogue Turkiye

    I recently worked with Vogue Turkey in "Shopping in Paris guide". I photographed 
    some of the places I frequently go and where I enjoy buying things and having good times.
    As you already know, I am a lover of taking a Marie-Antoinette tea and delicious
    pastries at  the first La Durée in Rue Royale. (You should try the Religiouse rose!)
    I also enjoy walking and watching small stores to buy postcards and interesting books or
    old vintage magazines in Saint Germain and taking a hot Cafe Creme.
    Who would not go to buy some delicious Crepe au Chocolat and sit there watching the
    Eiffel Tower while it's sparkling at night and enjoying your own time.
    Printemps is always showcasing the newest and it things of the best brands and special
    collections, plus when you're about to leave you can grab 2 mini macarons from their
    La Duree shop inside.
    Going to Avenue Montaigne is always an eye-candy street cause it has the best of the best maisons
    like Prada, Dolce or Chanel, take it to the end and go to the Cinemas in Champs Elysees!
    The Centre Georges-Pompidou is other one where I spend some museum nights
    watching great expositions (I do have my anual pass)
    and where I spend some afternoons at their book store, decidind or just looking
    through magazines and photobooks.
    The biggest Louis Vuitton in the heart of Champs Elysees. you sure wanna
    check out what Marc Jacobs has been doing lately!
    Galeries Lafayette, many of the shoes you've seen through the Chicmuse story
    have come from there! It has everything you want, from Zara to Valentino and Givenchy.
    The Chanel boutique in Rue Cambon is not only the one with the famous Karl Lagerfeld work,
    but the place where Mademoiselle Coco Chanel used to live and present her collections.
    True Parisienne inspiration and a legend.

    Hope you enjoy a little of shopping Chicmuse guide. Eye-candy is always good! Looking
    for a next purchase?
    ps. A link to the Vogue Turkey article here

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Shopping in Paris with Vogue Turkiye

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